Kittiwake Winter Migrations

WHY? Many species of seabirds, including the small cliff nesting red-legged kittiwake and black-legged kittiwake, spend most of their lives at sea and an understanding of what oceanic habitats they use is critical to understanding their populations.  

HOW? Using small geolocation loggers we tracked both species from their colonies to find out where these birds spend their winter and if this is different between the species, colonies, sexes, and for black-legged kittiwakes if distributions change between years.  

WHERE? Pribilof Islands, Bering Sea, Alaska


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Orben, RA, R Paredes, DD Roby, DB Irons, SA Shaffer. (2015) Wintering North Pacific black-legged kittiwakes balance spatial flexibility and consistency. Movement Ecology, 3(36).